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Everything I have been teaching through years of learning and experience in art education for FREE!  Perfect for people who want to learn, or learn to teach art.

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Lesson Blog

A little more in-depth discussions of some of the videos, why they are needed, how to practice, projects to do.  This is a great place to turn a video into a lesson if you are a Home Art Educator.

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I do this because I love art, and I did not love art lessons in the homeschooling I did when I was young.  I want art to be the most fun for ALL STUDENTS in all settings!  If you want to help me keep doing this, and get some cool rewards with small monthly contributions you should read about how...

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Who am I? and Why am I doing this?

I am an art teacher with over a decade of experience.  Over the course of that time, I have come to recognize teaching art as the thing I am most passionate about.

Creativity is the only thing I know of that the brain has been proven to un-learn over the course of our lives.  Little kids will sit and draw all day and tell you the stories of what it shows, if you let them.  Good luck pulling that off with most people after they've finished the 4th grade.  Odds are somewhere along the way they got convinced they are "bad at art," THERE IS NO SUCH THING.  All you have to do is try your best, assess mistakes, improve slightly, repeat.  However if art is boring, or too hard, or just not fun for any reason, people just will not stick to it.  If teachers and home educators can't make it fun, easy-to-follow, and applicable to different levels then a student is losing out on the potential to fully develop their brains, and to enjoy an entire chapter of human existence.

I want to make fun, engaging, useful, art lessons that teach things simply enough for everyone to achieve some level of success.  These lessons are being continually produced and new topics are being added all the time.

I do this because I love it, and I remember missing art class more than anything when I was transitioned into homeschooling as a student myself.  I don't want anyone's home art education style to involve the words "I can't draw, so read about art history."

Don't give up on something everyone needs.  I am here to help for FREE!


Help Me Keep it Going and Getting Better...

I use the safe and stable platform called patreon.com which offers people the opportunity to contribute small monthly amounts in order to get great extra access and exclusive content for artists and home educators.

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